Friday, May 22, 2015


This website was initially a Jaru Pirrjirdi project funded with assistance from the Alcohol, Education & Rehabilitation Foundation.

Special thanks to the Jaru Pirrjirdi mob who were instrumental in the development of the site and creation and selection of content.

The following Jaru PIrrjirdi members were involved in story writing, photography and selection of photos, and site creation and development:

Clayton Sampson
Larissa Granites
Michael (MG) Wayne
Ritasha Watson
Rosena Dickson
Sebastian Watson
Shaun Wilson

Senior members of the community and Mt Theo Program who also assisted in this process include Jean Brown, Riley Oldfield and Robbie Walit.

The initial website was created in Yuendumu and facilitated by Brett Badger, Karissa Preuss, Susie Low and Liam Campbell with special thanks to Andrew Stojanovski. Other content provided by Natalie O’Conner, Somose Brown, and Ubik Freeman.

Content provided by Mt Theo staff, Jaru Pirrjirdi members, community members and WYDAC supporters.

If you have any suggestions for our website please email us.

For technical enquiries or to exchange links with this site please email Liam.