Sunday, May 24, 2015


WYDAC is an Aboriginal Corporation with an elected Committee and members. The CEO and Manager are responsible to the Committee.

click image to view an example of WYDAC organisational structure.
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Governance Training for the WYDAC Board (above)

(Please note: this list was current as of June 2012)


Lottie Napangardi Robertson (Chairperson) *
Eddie Jampijinpa Robertson (Chairperson)
Jimmy Langdon (Treasurer, Traditonal Owner) *
Jean Napanangka Brown (Executive Member) *
Lindsay Japangardi Williams (Deputy Chair)

Board Members

Aaron Bradshaw
Alice Henwood
Alma Robertson
Anthony Egan
Audrey Kitson
Beth Patrick
Cecil Johnson *
Cliffy (Scotty) Brown *
Coral Napangardi Gallagher *
Dennis Japanangka Williams *
Enid Gallagher
Fiona Gibson
Francis Kelly
Geraldine Dixon
Gracie Johnson *
Gracie Williams *
Harry Dixon
Hilda Rogers
Jerry Patrick
Johnny Miller (Program Founder) *
Julie Kitson
Lyle Gibson
Margarina Miller *
Micah Williams
Nellie Wayne
Peggy Brown (Program Founder)
Riley Jupurrurla Oldfield
Roxanne Fry
Sebastian Watson
Sherman Spencer
Steve Patrick
Steven Marshall
Tanya Collins
Teddy Long
Thomas Rice
Thomas Watson

* Traditional Owner (Mt Theo)