Friday, May 22, 2015

Nyirrpi Youth Program

The Nyirrpi Youth Program began in 2008 as a Mt Theo supported Program.

Two full-time workers run activities five days every week, under the direction of a local youth committee. Former members of the Mt Theo Committee and members of WYDAC, who live in Nyirrpi, guide program strategy and mentor the youth workers.

CAYLUS supported the Program by constructing an office, computer room, and storage space in the community hall, a bubbler with cooled, clean water, and fencing.

Regular activities include sports, computers, movie and family nights, arts and craft, and swimming out bush. Activities are based out of the renovated community hall. Bush trips are a vital part of the program, and by far the most popular activity.

Through the WETT Project, we have been able to develop young people’s enthusiasm for music and media through daily youth program activities, and 2 x 2 week video production and editing workshops. These workshops were delivered by Anna Cadden, for PAW Media, and the film projects are built on young people’s concerns. One film was produced about ‘jealous fighting’, another on love for country, and another on Gypsy, the adopted community camel. Nyirrpi produced a film about Ethel Creek to record a culturally significant bush trip during which elders passed on culture through dance and story-telling.

A particularly popular workshop this year was 2 weeks of Hip Hop Dance, provided through our partnership with InCite Arts.

The Nyirrpi Youth Program is wholly funded by community funds, through the Warlpiri Education Training Trust (WETT).

Youth Program activities target 4 – 16 year olds, providing diverse and interesting alternatives to substance abuse and other anti-social behaviour.