Friday, May 29, 2015

Capital Works

Mt Theo Building

In 2003, under the direction of Mr Tony Abbott who visited Yuendumu and the Mt Theo Program, the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH), provided Mt Theo with funds to upgrade the infrastructure at Mt Theo and build staff housing in Yuendumu.

Since January 2005 the Mt Theo Program has worked with Richard Layton (Project Manager for the Capital Works Project), and architect, Brendan Meney, to ensure the building Project was precisely what the Mt Theo Program founders, workers and Traditional owners want. Richard and Brendan were regular visitors to Mt Theo and Yuendumu to discuss how the Project was developing.

Brendan has designed a unique building that is in harmony with both the landscape and the lifestyle of the outstation. The structure has removable walls and louvre windows to allow for maximum flow of air, outdoor and undercover wood-burning cooking facilities, and cement floors and stainless steel cupboards and surfaces for ease of cleaning and the promotion of hygiene.

ProBuild of Alice Springs, who won the tender for the construction, worked with Mt Theo clients, and Yuendumu young people to bring the building to completion. ProBuild employed our local people to work on the site and build up a range of construction skills. For Mt Theo clients, it also provided an opportunity to work hard physically during their rehabilitation, and earn some money for they return to Yuendumu and the Jaru Pirrjirdi aftercare program.
The Centre for Appropriate Technology, under their Bushlight Scheme, worked with Mt Theo workers to design a solar power system that is unique to Mt Theo needs. Their contribution also includes ongoing training and support in the maintenance of the new power system.

The Mt Theo Program is grateful for the contribution of two 5000 litre rainwater tanks from Jason Cotter and his family from Victoria. Jason supported our arts and cultural activities while working in Yuendumu in 2005-2006. Since his family visited Yuendumu they have supported our program in many practical ways that will help ensure the long term success of the program.