Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Yuendumu Youth Program

Yuendumu Youth Program

Youth Program activities target 4 – 16 year olds, providing diverse and interesting alternatives to substance abuse and other anti-social behaviour. The Mt Theo model also provides for over 16 year old to work as casual youth worker trainees who have the opportunity to gain significant personal and professional development.

The Yuendumu Youth Program operates seven days a week in Yuendumu, every week of the year. This means that there are always several activities for kids in Yuendumu to participate in whenever they are not at school. All of these activities are run by Jaru Pirrjirdi workers who are supported and trained by Mt Theo staff. This means that all youth program activities are run by young local adults, which provides them with work and meaningful activity.

The youth program is a successful element of the Mt Theo Program and Yuendumu community. The aim of the Youth Program is to provide active and meaningful activities for all of the youth of Yuendumu. The Youth Program has established itself as a highly successful diversion strategy in regards to substance abuse for the youth of Yuendumu.

The Youth Program provides a wide range of activities to make Yuendumu a fun and exciting place in which to live. It contributes to making Yuendumu a strong community that everyone is proud of. There is a wide range of activities available to the youth of Yuendumu across areas such as sport, art, music, dance and local culture to ensure that everybody has something to do.

With up to 100 Jaru Pirrjirdi workers available to run youth activities on a rotational basis this means that there are 3-4 activities every afternoon and every evening in Yuendumu. You can go from football or softball to painting or swimming, hang out in the youth centre or go on a bush/cultural excursion before heading down to the evening Jaru Night Club, basketball competition or disco.

Sometimes l go pool table or Auskick for football. Then maybe swimming. Or play computers. Its really good fun
Somose Brown.

We go out bush with Japaljarri, Nakamarra and Jaru Pirrjirdi. And then we have disco and all the girls dance. Sometimes l help cooking the hamburgers or putting disco
- Athena Granites

Yuendumu is really good place. We got lots here like disco, swimming, football, softball, basketball, pool table, bush trips maybe for honey ants or something, painting, making masks or jewellery, film night, dancing.Yuendumu is really good place. All the kids are really happy.

- Courtney Singleton

The Yuendumu Youth Program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Family, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs; Central Desert Shire Sport & Recreation funds; NRETAS, Warlpiri Education Training Trust (WETT); Arts NT; Yuendumu Education Centre; in-kind support from Newmont Mines.